It’s pretty safe to assume that no one was expecting one of Marvel’s biggest upcoming heroes, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, to have her first feature film set in the 90s. Regardless, that’s exactly what we’re getting in 2019, but it also raises an important question — where has she been all this time? There’s been a lot of speculation on that front, but recently Kevin Feige has come out to give us a little insight.

Speaking to iO9 at a Thor: Ragnarok event, Feige quite simply responded to questions about Captain Marvel’s location by saying “The key is…‘out there.’”

So, where has she been over the course of the near 20-movie Avengers story? I spoke to Feige at the junket for Thor: Ragnarok and asked the man himself. I said, “Having a character that powerful out there might be confusing…” to which Feige interrupted: “The key is…‘out there,’” as he put his arms in the air.

What does that mean? No one but Feige himself really knows. This statement doesn’t really give us much to work of off, but my first thought was that it means Captain Marvel is out in the cosmos, and that she’s going to mean a lot to the forthcoming Untitled Avengers film that’s coming out a year after her first film.

Where is she? It could be that, following the battle with the Skrulls we’ll see in Captain Marvel come 2019, she ended up imprisoned or she could just be out there taking down other threats related to that war.

Source: iO9

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