Fans of the MCU know that there is hardly anyone more knowledgeable about the Marvel Universe that Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige. So when the head honcho tells you they are very excited about exploring the multiverse, it’s easy to get even more fired up about the future of the films.

Last night at the Doctor Strange red carpet premiere, Feige told that Doctor Strange is not only about introducing a major player and some incredible supporting characters but also what it portends for the growth of the MCU down the road:

“Well, you know, what’s so amazing is, as you well know about the comics, is there are so many areas to play with. There is so many characters to play with and every time we introduce a new one to our cinematic universe, that’s just another storytelling tool in the toolbox, and of course Doctor Stephen Strange himself, that power base, but the whole notion of sorcerers now can expand into our movies and the notion of parallel dimensions and alternate realities and the multiverse is something that we’re very excited to explore.

This is not the first time Feige has dropped the multiverse into the middle of a conversation, having told Entertainment Weekly in late September about a sequence in Doctor Strange that “culminates in what we, behind the scenes, refer to as the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, which literally takes him in a shocking and very fast way through the multiverse.

Feige was quick to clarify:

When comic book fans hear parallel dimensions or multiple dimensions, they think of Earth 616 and Earth 617 or Earth 618,” Feige said. “That’s all possible, but what we’re playing with in this world is that there are dimensions. That the other dimensions are not just parallel realities.

Earth 616 refers to the mainstream Marvel universe which was, until recently, one of many realities in the comics. Feige went on to detail just what we can expect to see of these parallel realities in Doctor Strange:

Although some of them are [parallel realities]… there are the dark dimension, where Dormammu inhabits. There are dimensions that are so mind-bending that you can barely perceive them. There are dimensions that … That’s where a lot of the Ditko images come from. They’re dimensions that are just mind trips, that the human mind can barely fathom, which is why it’s hard to turn them into something to show an audience in November,” he said with a laugh. “We’re playing as much with the multiverse as alien dimensions for lack of a better term, than as parallel realities where there’s a Strange that wears Iron Man armor! We’re not there yet.

So does this new interview in which Feige mentions dimensions, realities, and the multiverse indicate that while “we’re not there yet,” that it may be coming down the road? Given the importance of the multiverse in so many of Marvel’s great stories (most recently Secret Wars) and it’s successful Ultimate universe in which fan favorite Miles Morales was introduced, it’s not crazy to think that we may not be too far away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding in a huge way. Perhaps one of the alternate realities can help bring some of Marvel’s prodigal characters home…