For a while now, we’ve been speculating that the upcoming Loki show on Disney+ will feature alternate versions of the titular character. With Tom Hiddleston back in the role, there’s also been significant evidence that some of the other actors tied to the project will be playing different versions of everyone’s favorite trickster from across the multiverse. This includes Richard E. Grant playing an older, or “Classic Loki” (As supported by his stuntman’s IMDB credit) and Sophie Di Martino playing Lady Loki (which was seemingly confirmed by some samples of the score on Instagram). Now we have another piece of evidence from Instagram that suggests Kid Loki will be coming to the series, played by newcomer Jack Anthony Veal. 

When someone comments with their excitement of “Kid Loki” coming to the series, Veal even responds with “Cant Wait!”

Trailers have teased Loki’s run-in with the TVA (or Time Variance Authority), and how they will be recruiting him to assist in their control over the timelines of the Multiverse. We know that this version of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki comes from an alternate timeline himself, and that we will be visiting such historical mysteries as the disappearance of D.B. Cooper and the destruction of Pompeii. It will be interesting to see how these alternate versions of the God of Mischief factor in, and if they will be presented as villains or companions of our titular antihero.

Source: Instagram via Murphy’s Multiverse