It’s not always that we get excited for a character that’s returning well after their demise. Granted, in this particular case, it’s not so much a resurrection as it is a flashback of sorts. But still, we’re excited as hell that they’ve found a way to make David Tennant return in Jessica Jones Season 2 and these new set photos take it to another level.

You got Tennant looking dapper as always as the very evil Kevin Thompson, along with Ritter’s Jones and Eka Darville‘s Malcolm, who we haven’t heard was returning until these photos (an expected return but a nice confirmation nonetheless). Now, there are a couple of interesting things to note in these photos. You got Jessica living the grunge life with her tattered jeans and signature leather jacket. And you have a very clean and buff looking Malcolm, a far cry from what he looked like in the past and looking nothing like he did when Jessica saved his life. Could these scenes with Tennant not necessarily be a flashback but a PTSD episode in the present where Kilgrave manifests physically in Jessica and Malcolm’s mind? One image has Kilgrave conversing with Malcolm as well so it could very well just a flashback and that I’m just reaching too far with my theories.

This show is too damn far away! Thank the Netflix gods that The Defenders is tomorrow, right?

Source: Tumblr via spoilerTV

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