In an interview with Complex, Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther producer Nate Moore discussed several things about the massive machine that is Marvel Studios and their approach to building their cinematic universe. Moore was asked about what he could tease about the much-awaited cinematic debut of the Wakandans and their story of isolation, and he had this to hint:

What’s great is that people have already met Chadwick [Boseman] in Civil War, so now we get to jump in feet first without having to tell a more traditional origin story. We meet him as his world is changing. Black Panther takes place right after the events of Civil War, so T’Challa’s father has just been killed, he has returned home to Wakanda, and T’Challa has to navigate potentially becoming the new ruler of this nation. He never intended to become the king for years because he figured his dad would be around for a long time. T’Chaka’s death is, in a lot of ways, the catalyst for everything that’s happening in Black Panther.

Now while it isn’t a surprise that the events of Captain America: Civil War will have an effect on the trajectory of Wakanda’s fate post-Accords, it is interesting to think about how the death of King T’Chaka will specifically affect the stability of Black Panther’s nation from within. My boi and co-writer Charles Murphy speculated about it several months back and Moore’s latest comments add credence to it. In the comics, King T’Chaka exiled the family of one N’Jadaka, a man who would grow up to be Erik Killmonger, a character played by Michael B. Jordan in the Black Panther film. And with the addition of Sterling K. Brown‘s character suspiciously named N’Jobu in the film, it’s likely we will see Erik Killmonger take advantage of the instability caused by the king’s death and begin a revenge-driven coup against the Wakandan Royal Family for exiling his own. The film’s official synopsis clearly hints at it as well.

Even in prison, Zemo’s actions can still be felt throughout the MCU. Truly one of the best understated villains in the MCU.

What do you think of T’Chaka’s death being the single catalyst of all the things we will see in Black Panther? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Complex