Marvel Studios has scored one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming acclaimed actors to play another big bad in the MCU. Variety is reporting that One Night in Miami star Kinglsey Ben-Adir has joined the cast of Disney+ series Secret Invasion to play one of the main villains. No other details were shared.

Anyone who’s read Secret Invasion knows that the Skrulls are the de facto big bad of the story. So it’s more than safe to assume that Ben-Adir will be one of the main Skrulls in the series. As for who specifically, it could be anyone ranging from Paibok to Emperor Dorrek. I haven’t seen Ben-Adir in any movie yet though a quick google search on One Night in Miami would instantly tell you just how phenomenal of an actor he is. I can’t wait to see who he ends up playing.

Source: Variety