Spider-Man 3 is expanding in the craziest way possible. News of Alfred Molina’s return as Doctor Octopus broke last night and now we’re hearing Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone are set to appear in the film as well, courtesy of Collider. In their report they said:

Just like Jamie Foxx’s Electro, Andrew Garfield will be back, and if Sony/Marvel can close a deal with Tobey Maguire, he’ll be back too. Kirsten Dunst will return as MJ, and I expect Emma Stone to reprise her role as Gwen Stacy, pregnancy permitting.

Sony has done a piss-poor job of keeping their Spider-verse plans a secret but it’s likely because of everyone’s excitement at the mere rumor of OG Spider-Men’s return. The Spider-Verse is looking more likely each day and I reckon this won’t be the last huge casting story we hear soon. There’s a lot of storytelling opportunities for something like the Spider-Verse and I’m sure Marvel and Sony are considering a crap ton more of cameos to add in.

Source: Collider