D23 2019 has finally arrived, and breaking news is coming left and right before the big panels even begin! A new report from Deadline has broken the news that Kit Harrington is in talks to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe! There is no official word yet as to which movie or show he will be joining or what role he will be taking on, but Marvel is continuing its long-standing reputation for A+ casting decisions. We may find out soon in less than an hour during the Disney+ panel or tomorrow’s features presentation.

With so many characters still open to cast for both the confirmed movies from SDCC along with the newly acquired Fox properties, it would seem that Kevin Feige has his pick of the litter for casting the newest member of the Marvel family. Best known for his outstanding run as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, along with lending his voice talents to the How to Train Your Dragon series, Harrington has become a fan favorite among multiple entertainment genres and we now eagerly await both the role and movie for which he will lend his talents to Marvel!

Source: Deadline