Phase 4 is about to go in full swing next year and one notable movie that fans can look out for during the latter part of the slate is Thor: Love and Thunder who is set to be directed by Taika Waititi. The fourth installment of the Thor franchise is set to explore how the returning Jane Foster, who is played by Natalie Portman, wields Mjolnir and becomes the Mighty Thor. It was already confirmed that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will be back as Thor Odinson and Valkyrie, respectively. And now, it seems that another member from the Thor: Ragnarok ensemble will join the adventure.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel while promoting Jojo Rabbit, Waititi confirmed that he is set to reprise his role as Korg in the fourth installment which received cheers from the live audience. This will mark his third time to play the character as he played the Kronan warrior during Avengers Endgame and Thor: Ragnarok.

Waititi also said that he just finished “a couple of drafts” for the fourth Thor film and he teased that there will be “more Thor.” It will be a while until we get to hear new information about the movie but the news of Korg coming back is definitely an exciting one. It also seems to confirm that Korg’s best buddy, Miek, is also set to return as they are both inseparable.

Will Korg start a new revolution? Fans will get to find out when Thor: Love and Thunder hit theaters on November 5, 2021.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live! via Entertainment Weekly