Jude Law‘s character is still a massive mystery, as his identity seems to be switching between Yon-Rogg and Mar-Vell with each article. The recently released trailer gave us a better look at his relationship with Captain Marvel, as he tries to teach her to let go of her own past. Naturally, we all know that she is human so it does put him into a more sinister light. The film might play around with the idea if he is on her side or not. Now, we also got some more info on his character alongside a rather important reveal. It looks like the Supreme Intelligence will featured in Captain Marvel and may even have a strong influence on Law’s character.

“He has a very particular relationship – and any of you who know a lot about the Krees, there’s a sort of a divine element called the Supreme Intelligence, and that comes to play in this. And each of the Starforce, indeed each of the Kree warriors, has a particular relationship with the Supreme Intelligence, and my character has a very particular relationship with Supreme Intelligence which becomes revealed and is quite complex and ultimately very revealing of what it is that motivates. I’ve kind of based him almost on a sort of, not religious fanatic, but he’s got a kind of divine sense of purpose because of his relationship with this greater being.”

That divine sense of purpose may be one reason why his character is trying to make Carol Danvers let go of her past. As long as she clings to her human side, she may not be connected to the Supreme Intelligence. Some theories point to Annette Bening playing the Supreme Intelligence, or at least a form that Danvers could trust. It seems she may be toying with Carol’s mind throughout the film. Hopefully, we will still get to see the giant head in a glass. It does not seem like they are trying to paint the Krees as villains and the film may play around with this idea. There is a strong mistrust with the Skrulls playing a role, so we might see a lot of back and forth throughout the film.

What are your thoughts on Jude Law‘s character? Do you think we will see the giant head in a glass in the film?

Source: Collider