Marvel’s second Netflix exclusive TV show, Jessica Jones, should be finishing production soon as the show is roughly scheduled to debut late this year. Marvel has been silent on the Jessica Jones news front as we have yet to get an official release date or logo. Hopefully that will change this weekend and we will get some news during San Diego Comic-Con.

Jessica Jones is currently filming in New York, along with Season 2 of Daredevil, which has led to set photos being shown online. Previous photos have shown our hero in dark clothes and often with scars and blood. These new photos of Jessica Jones, courtesy of SuperheroHype, continue that trend. David Tennant News also got their hands on a few photos of David Tennant (Killgrave/Purple Man) on set with who appears to be Mike Colter (Luke Cage).

And a new video of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage near a pretty big explosion:

Sources: SuperheroHype, and David Tennant News