We are closing in on one month until the premiere of Jessica Jones on Netflix. While we have yet to see a full trailer, we have seen a few teasers leading up to the release of the latest trailer that teased David Tennant‘s The Purple Man.

Over the past weekend, the show had a big presence at NYCC this past weekend and coming out of that the show’s star Krysten Ritter and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg have opened up about the project and what we can expect.

When it comes to superheroes, Jessica Jones is kind of the opposite of what one would expect. She’s not trying to save the world. She’s just trying to survive. Bringing a character like her to life required not only an actress that understand her, but also a writer that was able to writer for a character that could have easily come off as unlikable. While speaking with Collider, Ritter was asked how the went about creating Jessica for the series.

RITTER: A lot from the comics because she’s so well-drawn. We have some lines that are pulled from the comics, but then the script –She’s as developed for television as she is in the comics and the scripts are fucking fantastic. You have someone like Mel, arguably one of the hottest, most established female writers in history, next to her sensibility and her integrity for writing for a female character, I mean, it was all there. And then what I did was just go in a start building and bringing what I can and getting to know the character so well that anything you do is gonna be right.

Fans lucky enough to get into the Marvel Netflix panel at New York Comic Con this past Saturday were treated to the entire first episode of the series, and so far, the feedback has been fantastic. While the reviews are quick to note Ritter’s portrayal of Jessica, they’ve also focused on the mature content of Marvel’s second series. Given that Alias was part of Marvel’s Max line, given the language and sexual depictions within the series, it’s not entirely surprising that the show would follow along the same lines. What is surprising, however, is that the seemed to have had free reign to do whatever they wanted.

ROSENBERG: The only thing we couldn’t do was drop F-bombs, which we wanted to really.

RITTER: And show my boobs, because I didn’t want to.

ROSENBERG: But other than that, honestly…

RITTER: It’s pretty edgy.

While Daredevil was full of stunts and well-choreographed fights, Jessica Jones will be more of a thriller dealing with her PTSD. Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect to see her kick some ass throughout the course of the first season. When asked what it was like to shoot the physical scenes, Ritter talked the rush she felt from doing action sequences.

RITTER: Right. Three injuries. It’s fun, it’s adrenaline. It’s very fun and I’ve never done stunts like that before, I’ve never done action sequences. So I’m very fortunate to have a part where I get to do drama, comedy, and action. It’s thrilling, because I have no experience I may have accidentally punched a few people for real, but I think they kind of like it. The stunt guys loved it, they might get payed more, I don’t know. But just committing, and I would break alive because I would like be in this stunt maybe hit somebody and be like, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” totally switch from badass Jessica Jones to like Krysten [Laughs]. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” “It’s ok Krysten, you’re fine.” and then just getting comfortable with it. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I loved the stunt guys, the whole department. I was afraid, I think I went in thinking, “Oh, they’re gonna think I’m a little girl and can’t do this” but they were so warm and so supportive and they just made sure I looked cool.

Prior to Daredevil‘s renewal earlier this year, many fans wondered if any of the shows would receive multiple seasons, especially with The Defenders looming in the background. After the second season order or Daredevil, however, it was revealed that there is definitely the possibility of multiple seasons for certain shows. Could Jessica Jones be one of those shows? According to both Ritter and Rosenberg, it’s not out of the question.

ROSENBERG: That’s the hope.

RITTER: We don’t know. We don’t know we will, I hope we do.

One of the last questions Collider asked Rosenberg & Ritter was what kind of Easter eggs we can expect to see in the series. With there being both nods to the Avengers, as well as the upcoming Iron Fist series in season one of Daredevil, it’s hard not to wonder what kind of Easter eggs Jessica Jones may have in store. According to Rosenberg, we can expect little eggs throughout.

ROSENBERG: A little is always there and in the writer’s room we have some fanboys that know all this stuff and they’re all geeking out with different stuff. But if you noticed in the pilot there’s just little references, a lot of references are to the book, so at one point she’s on the toilet, just little hints like that. So they’re all throughout.

If you need a rundown on Jessica Jones, be sure to head over here where we’ve broken down both the character as well as what we can expect from the series. Jessica Jones will hit Netflix on November 20th!

Source: Collider.