The other day, a video of an explosion on the set of Jessica Jones made it’s way online, showing Krysten Ritter‘s stunt double being thrown back by the blast. Today, video has surfaced that shows a pivotal scene being filmed in front of the same building that was shown going up in flames.

Spoiler Warning: For those that haven’t read Alias, the following will contain spoilers for a pretty important scene between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

In the beginning of Alias, Jessica Jones makes her way to a bar owned by Luke Cage. It’s this meeting at Cage’s bar that eventually leads to a relationship between the two – and a baby.

In the video below, you can see Mike Colter (Luke Cage), peering out the window at Ritter’s Jessica Jones as she makes her way to the bar, and he’s even wearing a coat that appears to be close in color to the panel shown above!

Jessica Jones is currently filming in New York and is expected to wrap by the end of July for a late 2015 release.

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Source: East Village Today.