Just over a month ago, a few months after the first season was so well received, Netflix renewed Jessica Jones for a second season. We have yet to get any indication of when we will see the second season or even if Krysten Ritter will be popping up in either season 2 of Daredevil or reuniting with Mike Colter in Luke Cage.

While we wait for word on when the season will air or who will be in it, Ritter and the rest of the people involved will have to deal with plenty of those questions. Over the weekend, she made an appearance at Wizard World in Portland and took questions from the fans in attendance. The first question posed to her was interest in helping stop Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and of course she would be excited to join.

That’s an interesting question because I love Jessica and I love any opportunity to play her. Obviously, it’d be really exciting to be a part of those giant, huge movies with those great characters who are already established, so it’d be awesome.

The Netflix corner of the MCU has a much darker and more adult tone than what has been shown in the movies to this point. While I’m not sure Marvel will ever make an R-rated movie, the Netflix shows should please those fans wanting one. Ritter has no idea if she will appear in the movies, but counts herself lucky to have a role with Netflix.

I’m also really lucky because our Netflix playground is so unique and so grounded and gritty and more adult. I don’t think it’s quite R-rated but it’s close. There’s some sex scenes. So, a little bit of both! It’d be awesome if I got to pop up somewhere else. There’s always the chance that could happen. I don’t really know, they don’t tell me anything, so I’m totally stoked about the playground on Netflix.

Season 1 of Jessica Jones is currently on Netflix, with season 2 in the very early stages of planning.

Source: Comicbook.com