During the initial casting process for Jessica Jones, there were plenty of big names floating around that could have gotten the part. Instead, Marvel chose Jesse Pickman’s girlfriend from Breaking Bad and questions were raised on whether or not it was the right choice. As we can all attest to now that Krysten Ritter has played Jessica for thirteen episodes, it is hard to envision anyone else playing the part.

Ritter was a perfect Jessica Jones, showing the full range of emotion that was necessary for the part. There is plenty of struggle at the core of the character, and it is the complexity that comes with her that made the role of Jessica Jones one Ritter wanted. She spoke to Deadline about why she loves playing Jessica and, to put it simply, it’s because of how cool she is.

What I loved about Jessica was how informed she is by her past, how vulnerable she is, how strong she is, how powerful she is. Also she’s very cool, way cooler than I am.
There’s so many layers for me to play, as an actor just getting in there and build this from the boots up was the biggest challenge I could have ever asked for, but that’s the good stuff.

We will be seeing much more of Ritter over the coming years with The Defenders set to film later this year and Jessica Jones already renewed for a second season. However, we’re all still hoping to see her – as well as the other Defenders – make their film debuts in Avengers: Infinity War, something Ritter is also eager to see happen.

Season 1 of Jessica Jones is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Source: Deadline.