The Netflix MCU is about to start hitting fast and hard in August.  The Defenders comes out in the dog days of summer, followed by Punisher right around Thanksgiving.  2018 then should be busy with Jessica Jones Season 2, Luke Cage Season 2, and Daredevil Season 3 all in some stage of production or pre-production currently.  Fans of Ms. Jones will be thrilled to finally get a second go.  At best, it will be a two and a half year gap between seasons, an eternity in TV world.  So how is the show shaping up?  Rotten Tomatoes asked Krysten Ritter about her thoughts on binging the new season and she said the following:

“I feel like it’s a binge show big time. This season maybe even more so than last. Even as I’m getting the episodes and reading them on the page, they ramp up so much at the end that it’s kinda hard to not want to just dive into the next one! So maybe try and savor it, but be prepared to cancel your weekend plans?”

It is interesting to hear this season may be good to binge “more so than last.”  Like most of the Netflix shows Jessica Jones received some criticism as to its pacing.  The trend at Netflix, particularly seen in Daredevil‘s second season, is to jump right into the action and not let up.  I’m not convinced that always works.  Sometimes it just shifts the lull points into later in the season.  It sounds like the writers want to get things moving quickly when Marvel’s best PI returns.

A key to the binge nature of a show is those cliff hangers at the end of an episode.  24 was the trendsetter with their approach to serialized storytelling.  That need to go “What?!” at the end of an episode to hook you into the next episode is part of writing for a service like Netflix.  There is a danger in getting formulaic, but Melissa Rosenberg and crew did a great job of getting the balance right in the first season of the show.  We are in good hands with a second go of the program.

Are you excited for Jessica Jones season 2?  Do you want it to be the first show out after Punisher?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes