It feels like just yesterday that Jessica Jones was released on Netflix, but it has already been nearly six months. We found out earlier this year that it was renewed for a second season even though we have yet to discover when that will actually take place. The main core of the show’s cast and crew should be returning, alongside new Executive Producer Raelle Tucker, and that includes the lead herself Krysten Ritter.

Ritter’s portrayal of Jessica Jones was easily one of the best parts of the show, so much so that it is hard to picture anyone else in the role. She embodied the “hero” of the show that dealt with drinking, rape, self-doubt, and much more. The reason hero is in quotes above is because, as you can see, Jessica is not the typical superhero. Ritter recently talked to Deadline about how she approached the character, and even though her character is based on a comic book superhero, she did not think of it in that way.

I never played her like a superhero. When I was building the character, I felt like if I threw a punch and somebody is going through a wall because of it that was because she was so strong inside. [Her powers] was just an extension of what she really is.

This may sound odd but there is no doubt that whatever approach she took worked. Jessica did not look in the mirror and see a hero, so the fact that Ritter did the same to the character must have made that easier for her to portray. To take it a step farther, even though Jessica is the first female led Marvel/Netflix series and she should be praised for that, Ritter did not want to this character to be defined by the gender.

It didn’t feel I was approaching it has a female character… It was really about building a character, not being defined by her gender.

I am sure I’m not the only one hoping she pops up in Luke Cage later this year, simply for the fact that I do not want to have to wait until The Defenders to see Ritter back on my screen. However and whenever she returns, it will be an exciting and welcomed return by all. Tell us your thoughts on Jessica Jones in the comments below or visit the forums for a more in depth discussion.

Season 1 of Jessica Jones is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Source: Deadline.