Jessica Jones, which will be Marvel’s second series to debut on Netflix later this year, recently wrapped production on its first season in New York and things have since been quiet on the promotion front. Although, with New York Comic Con 2015 fast approaching, it’s possible that’ll change soon. As it stands, the show currently does not have a set release date, though it’s speculated that it could hit Netflix in November, and all Marvel has officially released is a logo for the series. But what many seem to have missed is that Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) recently appeared on Marvel’s “This Week In Marvel” podcast, where she excitedly revealed small tidbits about the series that should help to get fans excited for the upcoming series.

For those that have read Alias by Brian Michael Bendis, you’ll have noted that the series is definitely meant for adults. Not only does Jess swear constantly and partake in both drinking and smoking nearly as much, but the comic also doesn’t shy away from Jess’ sex life. In fact, one of the earliest scenes between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter in the show) is a sex scene. This has led many fans to wonder if the show would shy away from that aspect of the comic. According to Ritter, the answer would be no. During her interview with Marvel, Ritter revealed that there will be sex scenes in the series between Jones and Cage.

“At the end of the day, I also knew Mike had my back. Whether we were doing stunts together, or love-making scenes, which I’m not very comfortable with.”

Ritter has also revealed that, aside from ADR sessions, she has not yet seen much footage from the show. Given that the show has only recently wrapped, this shouldn’t be too surprising. The show still has plenty of editing and special effects to undergo before it’s ready to be seen, but Ritter does seem thrilled with what she has seen so far.

“The stuff did that I did see was so rad that it almost brought me to tears.”

As for Killgrave, a.k.a The Purple Man (portrayed by David Tennant), fans can expect the character to be much like the vile creep that is presented in Alias – with some changes.

“It’s twisted around and expanded on and developed.”

Given how disturbing the relationship between the two characters is, it’ll be interesting to see how they go about adapting it for television, especially with Ritter having noted that it has been further developed. It’s a relationship that has to be dealt with delicately. They have to showcase how much trauma he caused Jess, while still presenting the abuse he inflicted with caution.

Jessica Jones is currently not listed on the panel schedule for New York Comic Con, but that could change over the coming weeks. With the show having been shot in New York, and Daredevil having made such a presence at last year’s convention, it’s hard to imagine Marvel Television will skip out on a chance to promote the series. Especially with Ritter more than likely back to set to work on Luke Cage which, alongside season two of Daredevil, is currently filming in New York.

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Jessica Jones is set to hit Netflix later this year.

Source: Marvel.