In less than 12 hours, Jessica Jones will make it’s long awaited debut on Netflix. Following in the footsteps of Daredevil earlier this year, this show will be incredibly dark and grounded in Hell’s Kitchen. Krysten Ritter stars as P.I. Jessica Jones and she has been promoting the series leading up to the binge-fest that will take place over the weekend.

Her latest interview comes courtesy of CBR who got a chance to talk to her about what drew her to the character, The Defenders miniseries, and much more. As far as what made her interested in the project, she said,

I just wanted to do something that the character was really strong but never sort of sexualized and in high heels or using her sexuality to get what she wants.

The thing that sort of popped out to me was how character-driven this piece is. This is the kind of material that I feel like you only find in, maybe, tiny independent films, in terms of the vulnerability and the character-driven themes and moments. There’s so much time and room for the character to come alive and really breathe, and that’s a really rare thing to find in any medium, let alone a giant Netflix and Marvel project.

For me, it was all about the commitment, because I wanted the part so badly. I knew it was a huge property for Netflix and for Marvel. It was a big financial investment, because the show’s picked up and it’s part of The Defenders. I just wanted to prove to them every day that they picked the right girl. With me, they were getting a work ethic that they would find nowhere else. I wanted it so badly, that I just worked my ass off.

Ritter also talked about how lucky she is to be able to play a female superhero in a day in age where there is a great desire for more of them. She hopes Jessica will become an iconic figure and lead to more female heroes.

There’s not a lot of female superheroes, but there’s certainly none like her. It sort of takes the idea and just, like — it almost stops that conversation. Marvel doesn’t have any other female superheroes in the title role, and this is taking that and just going so much further. I don’t wear a costume. She is rough around the edges. She has very real issues. So getting to do this really grounded, rooted, character-driven piece, and also be a superhero, it just like ticks off so many boxes.

If season 1 of Jessica Jones is the big success that we all hope it is, we could see more of the character in the near future. Barring a second season or cameos in Daredevil or Luke Cage, she will next be seen in The Defenders, which Ritter is very excited to be in.

It’s just amazing. The mean, the movie model is exactly what we’re doing. We’re all getting our own character-specific shows that are all very different, tonally. I’m really excited to see what they’re going to do with “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist.” I imagine when we all come together, we’re going to have a great fucking time, because there’s going to be four of us. These shows, we work crazy, crazy hours. I had two days off. My schedule was just bananas. I imagine if there’s four of us, it will be like a party. The work will be spread out, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to having future work. It’s nice having that extra component built-in. I kind of hit the lottery.

There is also the possibility that Jessica could make cameos on other TV shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or (hopefully) in the movies one day. Obviously, Ritter is up for that as well.

I think that would be amazing in so many ways. When you’re signing on to a series, it’s a big commitment. You have to choose something that you’re going to love and continue to be challenged by and excited by. That doesn’t come around all that often, and when I read “Jessica Jones,” I just fell in love with this character, and I love playing her. I would play her until I was 80. Any chance that I can like throw on her leather jacket and play this character, I would be thrilled. Like I said, I’d play Jessica Jones until I was 80.

My excitement level for the series could not be higher at this moment. I can not wait to see her story unfold and where it could lead.

Jessica Jones will debut exclusively on Netflix tomorrow morning at 12:01 PST.

Source: CBR