We know now for a while that Netflix has fast-tracked the third season of Jessica Jones. Not a lot of information was available on the upcoming film, as the second season was quite self-contained. We got a good look into Jessica’s origins and a demon of her past that came back to haunt her. We did get some character breakdowns thanks to That Hashtag Show that hinted at some characters we can expect from the upcoming third season. We now got some more information, as Marvel has confirmed that Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter will be directing an upcoming episode.

“I am beyond thrilled to make my directorial debut on Marvel’s Jessica Jones. The entire crew and cast has become family to me, and I’m so appreciative of the opportunity to work with our incredible team in this new way. I am so grateful that Melissa Rosenberg, Jeph Loeb, Marvel, and Netflix entrusted me to take the reins.”

It is great to see Marvel give their actors a chance at the director’s chair. This isn’t the first time that this has happened on a Marvel show. Clark Gregg has also directed an episode on the last season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. after being part of the show since its start. Jessica Jones is also famous for only featuring female directors in its second season, which will most likely continue into its next season. It will be interesting to see what personal touches she will add to the show, especially because she has the most insight into the main character. Hopefully, we may get the return of her darker side with Kilgrave or just some kind of introspective after having to lose her mother once again. We just got the release of Luke Cage but it is exciting to think what the future of these Marvel shows holds.

Source: Marvel.com

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