Through a sneak peak, a teaser and a Super Bowl spot for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, James Gunn has kept Kurt Russell’s Ego the Living Planet off the screen. But thanks to tonight’s brand new trailer, which premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we know have our first look at the father of Peter Quill, Ego in all of Kurt Russell’s bearded glory. Check it out!

As always with any Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, it’s a whole lot of fun to watch. There’s a lot more focus on Elizabeth Debicki‘s rumored villainous role as Ayesha this time around. Between Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain, Baby Groot eating MnM’s, and Drax laughing his ass off as he jumps into the mouth of the Abilisk, this trailer is just a treat from start to finish.

And if that trailer wasn’t enough for you, James Gunn just released this new uber colorful poster on Twitter.

Guardians poster

What did you think of the trailer and poster? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Youtube