About two weeks ago, it was revealed that DeWanda Wise was stepping away from her mysterious role in *Captain Marvel due to scheduling conflicts with her upcoming Netflix series. Not long after, a replacement was found in **Lashana Lynch. Now, the very first photos of her rocking the 90’s aesthetic alongside Brie Larson on the set have surfaced! Check it out!

According to our friends at That Hashtag Show, Lashana’s role that is being kept under wraps is said to be “the mother of a child who would one day grow up to be the contemporary of Carol Danvers.” While it isn’t confirmed, an intermediate knowledge of Avengers comic books would lead one to believe that the contemporary is none other than Monica Rambeau, codename: Spectrum. So why would Lashana be playing the mom instead of Spectrum herself? It might due to the timeline issues at hand being set 20 years in the past. Lashana having a kid in the 90’s would mean that the kid would be around her 20’s in the present day. Marvel could be saving the actual Spectrum character for present-day shenanigans. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we need to be on the lookout for some Coulson pictures on set!

Source: Twitter