If you haven’t seen The Defenders just quite yet, this article will spoil EVERYTHING. If you continue reading without having watched the Netflix team-up, I don’t want to catch you in the comments yelling at me because I spoiled you. Ya dig?

Now that we got that spoiler warning out of the way, let’s take a second and appreciate that the first season of The Defenders is finally here. We’ve waited years for it and now we finally have our street-level Marvel Cinematic Universe together on one team, or whatever you want to call this ragtag group of misfits.

Not only do we see them on the same screen, but big time fans of the old hornhead himself, Daredevil got quite the surprise in the season’s closing moments. As a thought-to-be-dead Matt Murdock lay in bed in an apparent nunnery, the nun at his side notices him stirring and tells somebody off-screen to alert Sister Maggie. Sure, it’s a little bit that the casual fan would never have noticed but for big fans of Daredevil and Frank Miller’s Born Again run in the comics, it was a potentially massive revelation.

For those that don’t know, Sister Maggie is Matt’s mother. You know, the former lover of Battlin’ Jack
Murdock. And she played one hell of a role in Born Again while nursing Matt back to health after Kingpin destroyed his entire life. Now, we don’t know for sure that Sister Maggie will indeed be Matt’s mom in the MCU, but The Defenders showrunner Marco Ramirez did take a second to talk with Entertainment Weekly about the closing scene:

I can’t confirm anything! I can say that visually that shot at the end of Daredevil’s story was definitely
an homage, as were a couple of other scenes, to the comics. That’s one of my favorite Daredevil images, so regardless of who any of the characters are, I went to the production meeting saying this is the image we’re going for, we’re going to feel like this, and that came from that image that I purposely borrowed from the comics.

Ah, that cursed secrecy over the House of Ideas. It’s clear we’ll see more about the character when the third season of Daredevil comes our way in a year or so. Until then, if you haven’t read Born Again, pick it up at the link below. If you have read it, read it again. We could all use a little more Maggie Murdock in our lives.

Source: EW

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