The classic image of Luke Cage, from the comics, is one that might not do so well brought to life, today. However, the first trailer for Luke Cage gave us the classic look of Luke in a metal headband and wrist cuffs, even if it wasn’t the tiara and bracelets from long ago. The next classic element of Cage’s character is the yellow shirt, which Mike Colter has said in the past would be more of a mustard color. With Luke Cage premiering late next month, a new still from Marvel’s latest entry to Netflix shows the show’s title character wearing that mustard shirt, which is definitely toned down from his comic wardrobe.


The still features Cage speaking with Misty Knight, a long-time ally of Cage and Iron Fist, the original Heroes for Hire. Knight, who was originally confirmed as appearing in 2017’s Iron Fist Netflix show through a piece from The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel has since said that Knight, as portrayed by actress Simone Missick, is not (yet) confirmed to be in Iron Fist.

Luke Cage debuts all 13 episodes of its first season on Friday, September 30th. Are you looking forward to seeing Power Man in his own show? With the inclusion of Misty Knight, do you think we could eventually see a Heroes for Hire spinoff? Let us know in the comments below.