After the last trailer leak back in 2014 when the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer hit the interwebz in advance – prompting a hilarious response from Marvel, it was only a matter of time until the evil that was HYDRA struck again. And that day is today. A mysterious user on Reddit by name of AscendedAncient has got his hands on some juicy screenshots from the purported Avengers: Infinity War trailer. And holy shit do we wish this trailer comes out ASAP!!

Again, holy shit. Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow altogether. Proxima Midnight slaying someone’s ass (likely Cap if you guys analyzed the SDCC sizzle reel where he catches Proxima’s spear mid-air). Scarlet Witch looking all worried as hell. Falcon kicking the hell out of Proxima. The Collector’s den, trashed and destroyed. So much goodies! Just the mere fact that some user has his hands on such screenshots means that someone has the trailer and its bound to come out. We don’t generally cover leaks here but this is too yuuuuuge for us to ignore. Marvel better beat this user to the punch!

The Reddit user promised to release more images in the coming hours so stay tuned as we update the gallery!

Source: Reddit