With season 2 of Daredevil growing even closer, there is a lot that we do not know. Something that we have known for a while is that both Punisher and Elektra will be making their MCU debuts and they’ll be significant players in the story. The duo are certain to cause some new problems for Matt and while we wait to see just what sort of trouble is in store, plenty of those involved were willing to tease this season.

IGN has revealed a list of things to know about the season and included quotes from the cast, showrunners, and some of the higher ups at Marvel. As Jeph Loeb explained, right from the get go, Marvel knew that this was the path they wanted to go down.

Loeb: “It wasn’t a question of whether or not we were introducing Elektra and Punisher; it was what do Elektra and Punisher bring to Matt that made the story worthwhile. It was always Daredevil’s story, how does it affect him, how does it affect Karen, how does it affect Foggy, how does it affect their world? In the same kind of way, in Season 1, as strong a performance and extraordinary a character as Fisk was, it was always in reaction to what Charlie was doing as Daredevil. These two bring out the best in our hero.

Near the end of season 1, Foggy and Matt came into some conflict over whether or not the latter should be playing vigilante. They seemed to have started the process of rebuilding that relationship, but as Elden Henson puts it there is still a gap in understanding.

Henson: Well, it is changing, but it’s also much of the same. Matt and Foggy have a brotherly kind of relationship, and I think ultimately Foggy just really cares about his wellbeing, no matter what he’s doing. He just wants him to be safe, and he wants to protect this thing that they’ve built together. And now that Karen’s entered their lives, he just really wants to keep everything the same. And, you know, he gets a little bit stressed out with change and stuff like that.

Woll: Yeah, especially when you hang out with Matt and Karen, who are like, ‘So, what dangerous thing are we going to do today? Whose clutches can I get into today?’

Right when Jon Bernthal was cast as Punisher, basically everyone thought it was the definition of perfect casting. Not only were us fans ecstatic about the casting, but so were the cast according to Henson.

Henson: I think we were all super pumped when we heard Jon was going to play the Punisher. I know I was like, ‘That’s perfect casting!’ [The Punisher’s] like an exposed nerve. He’s just really, really intense. I was excited. We just have such a great group of people on our show — cast and crew and everyone. So any time we can get more people at the party, it’s always good.

The glimpses we have seen of Punisher thus far have been incredible to say the least. He looks to be just as menacing and complex as Fisk was in season 1. One of the things that made Fisk so great was his personal life and the exploration of him as a person. Thankfully, Deborah-Ann Woll says he is more of an anti-hero than a villain.

Woll: I think something really interesting is that, even though the villain first season was Kingpin and this year we have an antihero — maybe not a villain, whoever he is, but it’s the Punisher — I actually find I call them ‘Wilson Fisk’ and ‘Frank Castle’ more often than I call them by their villain names. I think that that speaks to what our show is trying to do, that all of these people are people first, and then they are their superhero or supervillain. I think you will see — obviously what you saw with Vincent [D’Onofrio] and what you will see with what Elodie [Yung, who plays Elektra] and Jon bring to it — is that these are human beings first that are complex, who then take on these personas to help them get done what they have to do.

One of Frank Castle’s best lines in the trailers so far has been him calling Daredevil a coward and stating that people get back up when he deals with them as opposed to Frank keeping them down, permanently. This line of whether or not to kill his enemies has raised morality questions for Daredevil before, but this year it will be explored even more.

Woll: I think what we have talked about and been open about, at least with the Punisher — and really what Elektra brings — is the more extreme side of Daredevil. Daredevil has this code of ‘he won’t kill people,’ and he has boundaries that he has decided make him right and anyone who crosses those wrong. But who’s to say that his boundaries are right either? I think the questions that we’re asking throughout this season are, ‘Who decides? Who’s a hero and who’s not? Why does one way work better than the other? Does that even matter?’ I think Foggy and Karen certainly get caught up in that discussion.

Speaking of Castle’s moral code, we will learn about what makes him who he is just as much as we do Daredevil. Co-showrunner Doug Petrie is looking forward to see how viewers react to him, but even he is not sure whether or not to feel sympathy towards the character.

Petrie: Sympathy for the devil in this case is absolutely essential but we can also guarantee that’s not the only thing you’ll be feeling. We’re very much looking forward to and frankly terrified by what we hope will be a variety of responses to this guy. He’s more than one flavor. He’s definitely more than one layer. We go deeper into what drives him, what his moral code is, what his contradictions are, what his methods are and how people react to them, particularly Matt but then you have Foggy going, ‘I don’t like this man.’ … The idea of New York pushing someone to the point where they’re going to take justice into their own hands and you don’t love what they’re doing but you have more than one feeling about it. Will they feel sympathy for him? We hope so. Will they feel just sympathy? We hope not.

Bringing in the likes of Punisher and Elektra will make it seem like there are more “superheroes” in the show, but really Daredevil is the only one. However, both Woll and Henson think their characters bring their own sense of heroism to the show.

Woll: I think heroism comes in different packages. The superhero package is one that we’re familiar with, but … I like the idea that as a sort of triad we can represent brawn and brains and kindness and all the different ways that you can contribute as a hero.”

Henson: Especially with us three, Karen, Foggy and Matt, ultimately we’re in pursuit of what’s right. We each have our idea of what ‘right and wrong’ is. Some people have a bigger gray area that others. [laughs] But we all sort of have that in common, which is we just want to do what’s right.

Turning the attention towards Elektra, Loeb had nothing but praise to heap upon Elodie Yung for what she brought to the role. Her background in fighting and overall portrayal of the character should make her an extremely memorable character on the show.

LoebIt helps that Elodie herself has knowledge of martial arts to begin with. It was just a gift that came with the package of the actress. In terms of setting the high bar, for us, it’s always going to be what tells the best story. … The relationship between Daredevil and Elektra is what drives them into their action but it’s always with this edge of how far she’s going to push him and how far he can try to bring her back. … Regardless of whether or not you are seduced, to pick a word, by Elektra’s charms, the challenge that she brings to Matt and to the story in terms of how you be a hero and what you fight for and what you believe in has nothing to do with whether or not you’re a man or a woman. It has to do with what you’re doing as a hero.

Yung herself also talked about what it meant to her to play this character. She calls it the “most exciting part” of her career and is hopeful that more strong female characters like her and Krysten Ritter‘s Jessica Jones will be given the spotlight.

Yung: I am pretty lucky to play Elektra. It’s been, so far, the most exciting part I’ve ever had to play. The physicality and all that, I’ve done it before and I enjoy it. I like to train, I like to do it right, I like all that. It’s also a very complex character and she’s a very independent woman. She has her own agenda. She’s not the girlfriend of — all of that, I felt very lucky to be able to play her, to embody her and hopefully we’ll find more and more strong female characters like her or Jessica Jones.

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Season 2 of Daredevil will debut exclusively on Netflix this Friday at 12:01 a.m. PST.

Source: IGN.