There have been a lot of Marvel films in production over at 20th Century Fox. Many have been scrapped by now which included X-Force, Gambit and James Franco‘s Multiple Man. Among them was also a film project that focuses on everyone’s favorite villain Doctor Doom. Many believed that it was also dead but it looks like the project may be getting a second chance once the Disney-Fox merger comes to fruition. The project had Noah Hawley attached to write the screenplay. It seems he got the chance to sit down with Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige to discuss revisiting this project.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at South by Southwest, he revealed a bit about his vision for the project. His plan to turn Doctor Doom into a geopolitical thriller. Similar to The Dome, Doom decides to cover Latveria in a giant dome. One day, he would invite a female journalist into the dome to report on Latveria’s prosperity. The story would share some elements with Black Panther, as Wakanda was also a nation that hid from the rest of the world. The film may focus on the journalist as the main protagonist as Doom would retain his villain status. It would have made an interesting contrast to see how a hero and a villain handle such a situation.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the project will happen anytime soon. Hawley did not reveal much about the meeting with Feige. He did tease that he sadly did not get a look at their “thousand-year plan” for the MCU and it does not look like it will be happening anytime soon. Feige tends to plan out quite a lot ahead so it might still be a few years before we see any formerly Fox-owned characters appear in the MCU. Hawley also confirmed that after Fargo, he plans on adapting Kurt Vonnegut‘s Cat’s Cradle novel.  Still, the project he lined out sounds like it would be a great addition to the MCU.

Would you watch a Doctor Doom film?

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