Spoiler Warning: This post contains possible spoilers for sequences in Doctor Strange. If you are trying to stay spoiler free, do not read the following post.

With Captain America: Civil War well into its theatrical run, it appears that the focus at Marvel has shifted towards their final film of the year. The promotional period has not gone into full force just yet for Doctor Strange as we are currently waiting for a second trailer, or the first technical one if you consider the first to be a teaser as it claims. Aside from that footage, the biggest potential story point we’ve seen are the set photos that revealed Mads Mikkelsen‘s mysterious character.

Yesterday, we got our first look at Doctor Strange merchandise and while they did not reveal too much new information, the latest bit may do just that. The first LEGO set for the film has been leaked online and it features our possible first look at what Wong (Benedict Wong) will look like, plus a tentacle foe.

It appears this battle takes place in the Sanctum Sanctorum where Strange, Mordo, and Wong are working together to stop a foe that could be their version of Shuma Gorath. While the traditional green skin and one eye are not apparent in this look, it remains a possibility that would please a lot of fans. Now, do not get too excited about possibly seeing this on the big screen as LEGO sets have a hit and miss record and not always movie accurate.

Doctor Strange is scheduled to hit theaters November 4, 2017.

Source: Imgur.