Marvel and Netflix have had amazing success up until this point. We already covered the small possibility that Disney may just – somewhat unsurprisingly – acquire Netflix outright. Having already launched three series’ with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, we can complete the Defenders with the arrival Iron Fist. Previously, we covered that Lewis Tan was cast to play villain Zhou Cheng, now via their show MarvelousTV caught up with Lewis and asked a few questions about his character and the process to become him, especially when it comes to his fighting style.

FabulousTV: Do you yourself do Kung-Fu?

Tan: I do, I had to learn a particular style for this show, but I do kickboxing, Muay-Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, weapons, katana, all sorts of different styles.

It’s safe to say Tan will have no problem showing off the physicality of the character. But, he also spoke about the comic history of the character and how Zhou Cheng is destined to oppose Danny Rand.

FabulousTV: Tell me a little about your character, and some of the martial arts he had to learn specifically?

Tan: Ok so in the comic book his name is Zhou Cheng and he is the guy who killed all of the Iron Fists up to this point, and inside of him he has a dragon. So, it’s a very interesting character to play, and I had to learn a specific style that I won’t mention yet because I don’t want to give away too much.

FabulousTV: Ohh, that’s mean… Come on, tell us what it’s not?

Tan: It’s a rare style of Kung Fu, I’ll say that.

FabulousTV: So you play the bad guy correct?

Tan:: I play one of the bad guys, correct.

FabulousTV: So there are other bad guys in your clan, I’m guessing?

Tan: (Laugh’s) Sure.

It’s interesting to note in the comics Zhou Cheng serves Ch’i-Lin which may be what Lewis refers to as the Dragon inside of him. Danny Rand who is Iron Fist also contains the power of a dragon within him and there is a continued conflict between these two.

Tan also spoke about the process when he came on as an actor for the show. Before the casting of Finn Jones, there was much speculation on if Marvel would cast an Asian actor to play the main character. While this would be a departure from the comic version of the character, it does seem that Marvel explored that avenue with Tan.

FabulousTV: When did you find out that you actually got it? That it’s in production, that it’s happening, have you filmed yet?

Tan: I auditioned for a different role, And I was considered for, one of the main roles, the main role actually, and it didn’t work out it went to Finn Jones who is gonna do a great job. I was in Argentina, I took a break and I was on a nude beach in Argentina, (laughs) and I got a phone call, and that’s a true story.

Tan is clearly gracious towards Jones who ended up with the main role, but nonetheless, perhaps Marvel has found another strong villain in Tan’s Zhou Cheng. Additionally, Lewis spoke – rather emphatically – on how much of a Marvel fan he really is.

FabulousTV: Are you a Marvel fan in general?

Tan: Huge Marvel fan, how can you not be, their killing it. I mean look at Doctor Strange look at these shows that have come out, their just hit after hit after hit so yeah I’m really excited….

It has to be special. to be at a young point in your career and at the same time a company like Marvel is really successful, and constantly creating new projects and opportunities for more actors. But especially with the emphasis now being placed on the more mystical side of Marvel, Iron Fist will certainly be different.

FabulousTV: Is there anything you can leave the fans with, just one more little tidbit?

Tan: It’s gonna be something you’ve never seen before, Absolutely. So, whatever you’ve seen up to this point, it’s new.

With that said, catch the full video in the link below, and you’ll also get to see some of those rare Kung-Fu moves that Lewis Tan shows off at the end.

Source: FabulousTV