On a day full of hi-jinx and fake rumors, some real news has surfaced. In an Avengers: Age Of Ultron tip sheet sent out to press, both Linda Cardellini and Julie Delpy are listed as being in the movie. You can see the tip sheet below thanks to Devin Faraci.

Who they are playing remains a mystery. Many people on twitter are guessing that Cardellini could be playing Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. While I think she’d be good for the part, I doubt that she’s playing anyone who will eventually star in her own Marvel movie. Delpy’s character is anyone’s guess. Maybe Tony Stark’s mother during a flashback?

Who do you think the two are playing? Sound off in the comments below.

It appears back in April of last year, Robert Downey Jr. tweeted out this picture of the cast having dinner. There is a women in the back right who appears strikingly similar to Linda Cardellini.

Update #2:
Today (4/2), an updated tip sheet has been released. This time moving Linda Cardellini into the “special guests” section rather than in her original place as “from the movie”. Julie Delpy still remains in her initial spot so she’s definitely involved in the movie. At this point it’s anyones guess if this is just Marvel correcting a mistake or trying to cover up the surprise.