Linda Louise Duan may not be a familiar name as of now, but one day she may be.

Duan is an up and coming actress from Colchester, England, who succeeded in getting the role of Tina Minoru in Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange. Many fans of the comics may find that name recognizable. In an interview with the Clacton Gazette, she described the character’s magnitude in comics verses the film.

In the comics she’s a pretty important character but in this film she has the tiniest of cameos.

Cameo or not, a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no easy job to come by, especially for a rather unknown actress. Yet, it isn’t completely surprising given her undeniable talents.

Duan started off acting in a Saturday morning drama club, and ended up getting involved in parades, including in an ensemble for the Kung Fu Panda red carpet. However, the coolest part about her may be her experience with martial arts.

I’ve also been doing martial arts since I was 14 at Colchester JKA karate club and that was one of the things the film makers were looking for, a young woman with my ethnicity who could also do martial arts.

With such varied skills, it wasn’t long until her time to shine came along. Duan joined actors from across the globe through the usual rigorous Marvel casting process. While the part was just for a cameo, the casting was still kept a secret from the actors and actresses until later in the process.

It was all really weird. I still didn’t know what it was for but as the process went on I was getting more clues as to what it might be.

Finally, after numerous auditions, Duan received the role. Just when things couldn’t get any better she then became fortunate enough to share scene with Tilda Swinton on set.

…on the first day on set she was so lovely, coming up and introducing herself and making us all feel really welcome.

Quite a big year, for the young actress. There is a good chance this won’t be the last we see of Duan either. Through her research in her role, Duan learned details on the character that may make her pretty important one day in the growing cinematic universe.

Tina is the mother of Nico, who is a really big character in the Marvel Universe. There are all kinds of rumors about possible projects involving her. I know nothing I’m afraid. It’s just exciting to be involved with such a huge film, however small my part in it is.

Perhaps there is a much bigger role awaiting her in the future. We should see Nico, her character’s daughter, in the upcoming Runaways series, which is currently in development for Hulu. If the story follows the comics, this would mean that Duan will definitely be making an appearance in that series, which could be one of the biggest crossovers from the Marvel Movies to the Television universe since Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Make sure to check out Duan in Doctor Strange, in theaters November 4th!

Source: Clacton Gazette.