Even though we haven’t heard much from the film side of the MCU, there are a lot of talks and speculation surrounding the cinematic universe’s Disney+ corner. Rumors and reports have been going around about a possible Moon Knight casting and now, some we’re some new She-Hulk reports. According to Daniel RPK, the production is now casting the titular alter-ego of Jennifer Walters and that Incredible Hulk alum Liv Tyler may return for the show.

It’s more than a decade since we last saw Liv Tyler‘s Betty Ross grace the screen. The character’s father has been a modern staple for the MCU, having appeared in recent Avengers installments and will appear in next year’s Black Widow. It simply makes sense for Betty Ross to return to the fold and to not at least invite Tyler back would be a huge shame. While they’re at it, why not bring back Ty Burrell‘s Doc Samson as well.

Source: CBR