One thing that we’ve come to expect in the Marvel Netflix Universe is stellar fight scenes. Iron Fist should be no exception. With fifteen years to study martial arts in K’un Lun, Finn JonesDanny Rand (as The Iron Fist) has reason to be confident in his fighting skills. In fact, a new clip was released today that shows that he definitely considers himself a *living weapon.

This clip gives fans a sneak peak at the fight style that we will see in Iron Fist, with Danny expertly dodging blows and getting in toward his opponent for an attack. With acrobatics that would make Daredevil jealous, he proves that his self-assuredness isn’t without merit.

What do you think of this look at Danny in a one-on-one battle? Could this scene set up his need for Claire Temple’s help that we saw in a clip earlier today? Let us know what you think, in the comments!

Source: Cosmic Book News