While the upcoming IMAX-ABC project, Inhumans, will focus primarily on the main head of the Inhuman Royal Family, Black Bolt, and his relationship with his brother, Maximus, and his wife, Medusa. Another important part of the upcoming show are the supporting characters that round out the rest of the main cast. Ken Leung was cast as Bolt’s cousin Karnak, Isabelle Cornish will play Medusa’s younger sister Crystal and Eme Ikuwakor will play another one of his cousins, Gorgon.

We got a good look at most of the family but another important member of the Royal Inhuman family seemed nowhere to be found, Triton, played by Mike Moh. His character is pretty much the version of Hellboy‘s Abe Sapien, deep-sea creature and all. Sapien has blue skin,  Triton has green skin and they both share the problematic relationship with non-aquatic environments. Now, the larger question was if we can expect the usage of motion capture or whatever CGI sorcery there is applicable a character like that, but Scott Buck confirmed that we will see the actor portray the character.

Another major question mark surrounding the show is the CGI-heavy Lockjaw. The oversized dog has been portrayed in many different ways, may it be his more comedic or darker side. Buck does offer some small teases of what we can expect and seems to be quite sure that the character could compete with Baby Groot in becoming a fan favorite character.

“Lockjaw is probably going to end up being the audience’s favorite character. We certainly enjoy working with him. He’s fun to write, he’s fun to shoot. There’s not too much more detail than that that I can give, but he is going to be a standout on the show.”

Another major character that has yet been revealed for the upcoming project is Ellen Woglom’s character. Many believed that her character could in fact be the leader of S.W.O.R.D., Abigail Brand, but the interview with Entertainment Weekly revealed that whatever character she is playing will in fact not be from the comics, which sadly means we will still have to wait  a while until we will see Brand take her place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It still remains open who Woglom will be portraying in the show, and it most likely seems to point towards a human that will be a gateway for the audience in learning about Attilan and its diplomacy. There may also be a chance that she is in fact a Nuhuman that would allow people to learn how Terrigenisis works and gives Black Bolt someone to protect as he searches for the missing members of his family. At this point, it is still just speculation.

Who do you think Woglom is playing? Are you looking forward to seeing Lockjaw?

Source: Entertainment Weekly