It was a sad day when it was announced that showrunner Melissa Rosenberg would be departing Jessica Jones after the already announced third season ends. It makes sense, she has signed up an 8-figure deal with Warner Bros. and is going to help the company develop new TV projects. She has spent a lot of time developing Jessica Jones and tried to get it to air on ABC back in 2010. Naturally, it opens up the question of who would take over if Netflix renews it for more seasons. Luckily, in an interview with Jeph Loeb, EW got the chance to ask him if there are any plans beyond the upcoming release.

No, there’s no reason to do that right now. I think everybody should be secure in the fact that Melissa isn’t leaving until this season’s over. She let us know very early on, which I think was very courageous of her, and we just don’t know what the landscape’s going to look like, essentially a year from now. There could be a fantastic piece of talent that’s not available right now that’s available then. What we do know is — and I’ve spent a lot of time talking to [star] Krysten Ritter [about this] — is that the idea is to have this show just get better. We wish Melissa well, and she’s been awesome for three seasons, but there’s no reason right now to think about anything other than the fact that she’s our showrunner and she’s going to take the boat safely into harbor.

This approach makes a lot of sense as the third season is just entering production. They are still waiting for an official word from Netflix if Iron Fist and Luke Cage will be renewed for an additional season. There is still a lot we don’t know that is happening behind-the-scenes and with the production starting on the third season of  Jessica Jones they just do not have the time to focus on anything beyond it. They are speeding up production on the Netflix shows as we are getting four new shows per year. They might have a different approach in general to these shows, especially if they are going to expand the number of franchises that will air on the streaming service.

Who do you think should take over the production if Jessica Jones gets a fourth season?

Source: EW

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