Spider-Man: Homecoming is only a few months away, but a few actors’ roles are still a total mystery to fans. Among these names are Logan Marshall-Green, Donald Glover, and Michael Mando. Despite a few hints in interviews and trailers, there just didn’t seem to be any obvious choice for who these actors might be playing. Well, thanks to a tip we received from a source close to the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we may be able to finally connect the dots. Those who are sensitive to potential spoilers should stop reading now.

Set visit reports revealed that the first scene of Homecoming takes place immediately after the Battle of New York, with Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) and his crew cleaning up the wreckage before being stopped by the Department of Damage Control. Our sharp-eyed source, who was present when that scene was filmed, noted that Toomes and his crew were all wearing coveralls with name tags. The stand-in for Logan Marshall-Green (who we already know is one of Toomes’s guys) was wearing a name tag identifying him as “Brice”. A quick Google search reveals that this can be none other than Jackson “Montana” Brice, a member of The Enforcers, a group that made frequent appearances as villains in Spidey’s earliest comics. Spider-Man first appearance of Enforcers

It makes a lot of sense that the Enforcers would appear in Homecoming. As we’ve already pointed out, the film seems to be drawing heavily from the early Stan Lee / Steve Ditko Spider-Man comics, where The Enforcers first appeared. But there’s another bit of evidence that we think is even more compelling.

Fans of the 2008 animated show The Spectacular Spider-Man might remember that The Enforcers made several appearances in the series. However, instead of being a simple street gang like they were in the comics, they had been upgraded with new tech-based weapons. And who provided these technical updates? None other than The Tinkerer, played by Michael Chernus in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Spectacular-Spider-Man Enforcers

To top it off, Montana also begins using the alter-ego Shocker to match his new gear and costume. A costume that looks suspiciously similar to this glimpse of Logan Marshall-Green we got in the first Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer (notice the pattern on the sleeves and gauntlet):

“But wait,” you might be thinking, “isn’t Bokeem Woodbine playing Shocker?” Yes he is! It appears as though Homecoming will feature two versions of Shocker, Herman Schultz (played by Woodbine) and Jackson Brice (played by Marshall-Green). And as for the other members of The Enforcers? In The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Enforcers included Jackson Brice, “Fancy Dan” Brito (who adopts the moniker Ricochet) and Raymond Bloch (who goes by Ox).

Better Call Saul‘s Michael Mando, who joined the Homecoming cast in an unknown role last June, seems to be a close visual match to the Spectacular Spider-Man version of Fancy Dan:

Fancy Dan / Michael Mando

As for Ox, that’s still a bit of a mystery. It seems unlikely that Donald Glover would be playing a heavy bruiser like Ox, so it’s probably safe to rule him out. UFC Fighter Tryon Woodley seems like a good fit, but he dropped out of the movie before filming his part. Given the fact that the film is already packed with villains, it’s entirely possible they decided to cut Ox in favor of a second Shocker. After all, between Vulture, Tinkerer, two Shockers, Fancy Dan, and whoever Donald Glover is playing, Homecoming is absolutely stuffed to the gills with bad guys. That being said, it seems pretty likely that the Enforcers will play a fairly small role in the film, acting more as Vulture’s henchmen than his teammates.

What do you think about the idea of Logan Marshall-Green playing a second Shocker in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Do you agree with us that his inclusion likely signals an appearance from the rest of the Enforcers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 6.