With Marvel establishing that Spider-Man is now in their universe with his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, the attention recently has turned to his solo film due out next year. Tom Holland is set to reprise his role and Jon Watts is set to direct and over the last month they have started to assemble the rest of the cast for the film. So far, the majority of the casting has gone to what looks to be Peter’s friends and classmates, but we also know that Michael Keaton will be the main villain. The popular speculation is Keaton will be the Vulture, but the recent rumor is two villains will be in the film.

Since Keaton looks to be playing Vulture, the role of The Tinkerer is up for grabs and it looks like Marvel and Sony are closing in on their guy. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Logan Marshall-Green is in talks to join the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming in “as an evildoer alongside him.” Personally, I am not too familiar with Marshall-Green, but he has been in a few noteworthy roles such as Prometheus and The Invitation. Even though THR does not say that Tinkerer is the role he is up for, him being “an evildoer alongside” Keaton’s character seems to indicate that should be his role based on the latest reports surrounding the film. It could turn out he is playing someone else entirely, such as the youngest Norman Osborn we’ve seen on screen, but him as The Tinkerer makes the most sense right now.

The film is set to start production in Atlanta in the coming days and when that happens, Marvel/Sony should give us an official casting announcement clarifying the roles of not only both of the villains, but all of the kids. Let us know if you like the idea of Logan Marshall-Green joining the cast as a villain and possibly The Tinkerer in the comments below!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to hit theaters July 7, 2017.

Source: THR.