Thanks to the Marvel Studios panel at this year’s Comic-Con, we have the new Disney+ series Loki to look forward to in 2021! Taking the time for an interview with while making his Broadway debut in New York, longtime fan-favorite Tom Hiddleston dropped just a nugget of juicy news on when his solo series will finally start shooting.

Loki will start at the top of next year. He’s such a classical character. [Thor and Loki], they’re from Norse myths — they have a kind of gravitas to them…Loki is the god of mischief.

As Kevin Feige revealed in San Diego, the new Disney+ series will explore what exactly Loki is up to after his 2012 alternate reality version steals the Tesseract from SHIELD and the Avengers and teleports away, both the heroes and their fans none the wiser to his whereabouts. After three different deaths in the MCU (the only one supposedly permanent due to Thanos) and with a fanbase as rabid as any in sci-fi, Loki can never be counted out as a major player. In 2021, the Hiddle-fans will finally get their regularly-scheduled dose of mischief.

Source: EW