We are a few months away before we get to see the debut of the MCU side of Disney+ and fans couldn’t be more excited. While there are already a few teases for the first batch of MCU Disney+ series coming up this year since several of them are already deep in production, the Loki Disney+ is just starting off in pre-production. Recently, we’ve learned that Tom Hiddleston has already started doing stunt preparations for the series which would mean that our first look at set photos will be revealed down the line. Not much is known regarding the overall look at the cast aside from the addition of Sophia Di Martino as the previously rumored female Loki as well as a few casting calls which heavily rumors to an appearance of younger versions of the titular character. And now, a new report points to the appearance of the MCU’s first transgender character, Sera.

The Illuminerdi has revealed that the Hiddleston-led Loki Disney+ series is planning to introduce Sera to the fold in the show’s inaugural season. With this report, it gives credence to an earlier report that Marvel Studios was looking to cast a transgender character which implies that the studio is keen on its agenda when it comes to diversity and representation.

For the uninitiated, Sera is a member of the all-male angelic group called the Anchorites in Heven. Within the group, she was the only one who identified herself as female. In the comics, Sera was married to Angela who happened to be Odin’s retconned daughter which makes her Thor’s retconned half-sister and Loki’s retconned adoptive sister. Remember when she was a Spawn character in the 90s?

Sera’s inclusion in the show could obviously lead to an appearance from Angela herself and the potential introduction of the 10th realm in the MCU. It is unknown how important Sera will be to the plot but we could see her working together with Loki in the series. With rumors of a second season in the works this early, it’s no wonder they’re planting seeds for new characters.

Source: The Illuminerdi