For the longest time, I assumed that the MCU Disney+ shows were envisioned as miniseries; standalone and singular stories that have an endpoint right from the start. Turns out, that might not be the case, in particular, with the Loki spin-off series. According to our friend Charles Murphy, a second season has always been in the MCU’s plan. Here’s what he found out:

The first indicator was the naming of the limited liability company Disney formed for Loki: Limbo Productions I LLC. The inclusion of the Roman numeral I means Kevin Feige had already given thought to a second season, which would be produced under Limbo Productions II LLC.

Additionally, writers at other sites and “those in the know” have indicated they’ve heard rumblings about the potential for a second season of the show. Those are both great indicators, but for me, the FACT that contracts are being written to include the option is the most concrete indicator we could ask for.

As someone who wasn’t particularly exciting upon hearing the God of Mischief was getting his own, I’m equally as underwhelmed with this one. But then again, I am curious why they planned for Loki to get a season this early in the process. Maybe they do have some interesting Asgardian stories to tell.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse