The release dates of the pending Disney+ shows has been subject to debate for the longest time. The only things fans had to base release dates on were the production schedules of the show. But even then, the time it took to film a show to the time it would air on the screen varied differently. Thankfully, we’re learning more and more on when these shows are premiering from more reliable sources. Currently ongoing is the annual Disney investors meeting where former CEO Bob Iger spilled some details on their streaming service, specifically Loki‘s early 2021 release.

This early 2021 release puts the finale of the show right on time for the Doctor Strange sequel, which is currently slated for May 2021. Because of the overlapping multiverse concept, the assumption for Wandavision, Loki and the Strange sequel was that their plots would be interlinked. This schedule certainly lends itself to that assumption.

Source: Twitter