One upcoming MCU property I’ve changed my tune on in a major way is Loki. I’ve been hesitant since the day it was announced because I couldn’t see how they were continuing Loki’s story when he’s had more than a full arc at this point but then I saw the trailer from last December. The intrigue, mystery, and imagery of that trailer is totally what drew me in and this new merch Loki merch only makes me more excited because of what it teases. Check it out!

There’s a lot to unpack there. One of the shirt designs clearly points to multiple Lokis in the show, which we’ve heard some rumblings about. There’s something about a Sacred Timeline there which is probably the prime MCU timeline that was diagramed by The Ancient One in Avengers: Endgame. You can sort of piece together what the show’s premise is: we know Loki ends up working with the TVA at some point. The TVA seems to be the guardians of the Sacred Timeline based on the shirt. The trailer shows some TVA agents getting attacked by a hooded figure. Could the alternate versions of Loki be the enemies here? It certainly makes sense for the TVA to use Hiddleston Loki’s help to fight his alternate versions.

Source: Zazzle