So apparently, the Captain Marvel trailer and poster last night wasn’t the last surprise from Marvel Studios. Out of nowhere, Variety revealed late last night that the unnamed Disney is eyeing several spin-off shows based on supporting MCU characters for their upcoming streaming service. Even better: Kevin Feige will be producing all of them, actors like Tom Hiddleston & Elizabeth Olsen are expected to reprise their roles as with the rest of the cast slated to appear, and it will be limited to 6-8 episodes per show with a budget described as “hefty” on a major studio production level. The shows also don’t seem to be limited to real-time canon meaning it could take place anywhere in the MCU timeline as a prequel or sequel.

Now we’ve known for some time that Disney was planning to develop new TV shows for their streaming service but we certainly weren’t expecting it to be on this scale. This is, to put lightly, a fucking huge step for the streaming service (as if the Jon Favreau-produced Star Wars live-action series wasn’t already enough) and the MCU as a whole. Not only would we be getting supplemental individual character stories that we have long clamored, but we also have our lord and savior Feige handling these shows himself. This deal pretty much blows all doors open for anything like a Hawkeye spin-off based on the now-classic Matt Fraction run with Jeremy Renner attached or a Sebastian Stan-led Winter Soldier espionage series, which I feel like is already at the works. My good friend Charles Murphy said it perfectly, “Disney streaming just gave almost every character Marvel Studios owns a greater chance of joining the MCU.”

Source: Variety