Actor Henry Ian Cusick, famous for playing Desmond on Lost and recently appeared on The 100 has been rumoured to appear on the upcoming Inhumans TV series, which is set to premiere in fall of this year as part of a new Friday, Fantasy and Science-Fiction line-up on ABC. Given his experience filming in Hawaii and appearing alongside fellow Lost star Ken Leung, who is playing Karnak, it will be a bit of a reunion on set. Thanks to an interview with CinemaBlend, we got an official confirmation that he will be appearing in the production, but also were given some insight into what role he will be playing.

I play a geneticist and his name is Dr. Evan Declan and he’s human. I think that says quite a lot already, if you know the comics, you know where the Inhumans are coming from, so that’s pretty much my character.

It seems that he will be playing an original character on the show and him being a geneticist does play well into Marvel’s fascination with using real world science to explain the nature of their various characters.  He could very well even play a former member of SHIELD’s science division, as they were known for hiring many people that would help out in specific occasions, such as was mentioned when Franklin Hall was introduced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and with the show taking place in the MCU, the concept of Inhumans should already be well known. Perhaps his character was already trying to uncover the gene that gave them their ability and is trying to uncover the secrets that the Kree left behind.

A rather interesting aspect of this show could be the fact how he is involved in the story. As a geneticist, it would not be surprising if he may be found by Black Bolt to help him from a potential deadly disease that was inflicted upon him by his brother Maximus. Given his incredible abilities, it would not be too surprising if the show tries to find a way to keep him weakened to some degree. An episode of the animated show inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy the episode “Crystal Blue Persuasion” actually features the Inhumans, as they are fighting off a plague, which turns their bodies into crystal. Combining this into a few episodes would offer itself as a rather interesting storyline that could push Medusa to a limit, as she tries to save her beloved husband.

How do you think his character will play into the series?

Source: CinemaBlend via ComicBookMovies