Over the course of the first season of Agent Carter, we came to see a wonderful working relationship develop between Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) – two characters that perfectly bounced off of one another. One character we never got to physically see, although she maintained a presence throughout the first season, was Jarvis’ wife, Ana. We’d heard her voice, and he spoke very highly of her often, but she was never actually introduced on the series. That’ll change when season two of Agent Carter premieres on ABC next week.

It was announced back in October, while at New York Comic Con, that Marvel and ABC had cast actress Lotte Verbeek in the role of Ana Jarvis. A character that, while being new to the series in season two, is already of plenty of interest to fans. While speaking with the folks over at IGN this past weekend, Verbeek talked about how she ended up getting the role, and what it was like to portray this character.

Like many fans in the UK, Verbeek hadn’t had the chance to watch the first season of Agent Carter before getting the part as the series only recently debuted on Fox UK, meaning she wasn’t too aware of the show going in. When she learned who Ana Jarvis was, and that she was the wife of an already established wife, she made sure the character would serve as just more than that on the show.

“Like with Outlander as well as with Agent Carter, I had never heard of Outlander before I got the part. I had never really seen Agent Carter before I got the part,” she said. “I was actually in Europe, I self-taped. When I got the part, I was like, ‘Well, I can’t really see any of it’ because for some reason it was blocked online in Europe. I didn’t really know anything. I just talked to the showrunners, what is it about, what is the character about. I wanted to do more than just being ‘the wife of,’ which I really got.”

As for her chemistry with D’Arcy, Verbeek stated that their characters share a “sexual” and “playful” chemistry.

“James is obviously an amazing actor. He owns the role to the dot, and so what I got from the scripts and just the way I see the character, there’s a coyness and a playfulness,” she said. “The first scene we had I walk in and I smack him on his ass, which is a sort of sexual, playful, fun thing they have. That’s not something he would do, that’s something she does, and he loves it.”

Going into a role that already has a lot of interest going in could prove to be terrifying for some, but for Verbeek, she saw the anticipation for this character as a good thing. It made her feel honored to be given the chance to portray this character.

“It’s always great if there’s a lot of anticipation, because fans love the show and they’re just talking about who is she going to be, what is she going to look like. I think it’s somewhat unexpected with Jarvis being who he is,” Verbeek said. “I love how James plays the character. Ana just brings a whole different dimension to him. You get to see the contrast between the two. They’re quite different, and they work so well as a couple, so I thought that was just really great. It was great honor to get the part.”

Agent Carter will return to ABC next week with a two-hour premiere. Be sure to tune in!

Source: IGN.