Thor: Ragnarok will not be released until November, but it already has revealed a lot of interesting surprises. One major element of the film will focus on Hulk and his rise to fame on Sakaar. This might be the most intelligent Hulk we have seen in a film, as he has been in control for around two years since he vanished after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. We have seen him talk before in the MCU, most notably when he called Loki a puny God back in Avengers. Still, one of the latest trailers showed the goliath forming full sentences with his voice naturally being that of Mark Ruffalo. Longtime fans will always think of Lou Ferrigno as the true voice behind the green giant, as he still does his famous shouts and screams to this day.

In a recent interview with, the actor revealed his thoughts on a future with a much more talkative on-screen Hulk:

“I think there should be a little dialogue but not when he’s in a rage because we dealt in the past with that. In a normal conversation, it should be more of his sensitivity.”

Ferrigno‘s views of how Hulk should talk is very appropriate. An enraged Hulk would most likely not be very talkative and simply shouts and screams. Seeing his more sensitive side also works well with the character. After two years, it is likely that some elements of Banner’s personality might be influencing his behavior. This is quite different from the cartoon Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes where Hulk was always in control and held quite a few conversations. Some of the best moments actually came from him building up a friendship with Hawkeye, as they kept bickering like a married couple throughout the show.

The interview actually revealed another interesting tidbit. The actor will most likely still provide the famous shouts and screams, but he has actually also teased a possible appearance in the MCU in the future. He only revealed that talks are underway, so it might have something to do with Phase 4 from Marvel Studios or even a possible TV show.

There will be a lot of surprises I really can’t talk about it. You’ll be surprised!

What do you think Ferrigno might be in talks for? Are you looking forward to this new version of Hulk?

Source: via CinemaBlend

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