Harlem is back in action, with filming of season two of Luke Cage underway. With the start of every season of the Marvel Netflix shows (except Jessica Jones season two, which was suspiciously quiet), there is a flurry of pictures from the streets of New York, giving us a taste of what the coming season may bring. Yesterday, we saw Rosario Dawson on set, which was a very expected actress to have around. However, now we are seeing another highly respected actress literally getting coffee in Harlem.


Yes, that person with Mike Colter and his doppelganger (who is actually the owner of Harlem Coffee Company) is Lucy Liu. The actress and director stopped in the shop more than once this week, the first week of Luke Cage filming for season two.


Liu is a natural addition to the MCU, in front of or behind the camera. While her early work was as a cold attorney on Ally McBeal, her career moved on to being one of the badass women  Quenton Tarantino‘s Kill Bill movies, showing her abilities as an action star. Most recently, she has starred in Elementary, where she has also directed four episodes.

There is also this video of Liu behind the scenes during filming.

Liu is most likely directing the episode, and if the series is filming in order, it would mean she’s filming the first episode of season two. With Jessica Jones promising to have all female directors, and also filming at the same time, Marvel on Netflix will be proving to the world that there is no lack of ladies available to helm high-quality action-filled television.

How excited are you for Liu to be bringing us an episode of the next season of Luke Cage?  Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Instagram