With the cast of Luke Cage at San Diego Comic-Con today, we have heard a lot about the series, and it’s unique perspective from the streets of Harlem. TV Line sat down with the cast and had them share a little bit about the characters that they will be portraying in the next Marvel Netflix installment.

Simone Missick started by explaining Misty Knight, one of the more well-known characters joining the series. As a New York Police officer, she gets caught up in Luke Cage’s world. Missick went on to insinuate that in a fight between Misty and Jessica Jones, Misty’s street smarts might have the advantage.

Alfre Woodard, who will be joining the cast as Mariah is trying to not only make the city better, but to make sure that the history and culture of Harlem is preserved. But she has a dark streak.

She has a cousin, and you can’t divorce family. And my cousin is maintaining the empire upon which my family’s fortune was originally built.

Theo Rossi, who will be joining the cast as “Shades,” shades has a long history with Luke. he’s navigating through this world, and luke comes in and kind of disrupts it a little. Rossi joked that he might arrive at the panel tonight wearing only the sunglasses of his character.

Mahershala Ali, who plays Cornel “Cottonmouth” Stokes described his villainous role.

I run a nightclub called “Harlem’s Paradise,” and get into a little bit of criminal activity as well.

But Ali’s character won’t be a one-dimensional bad-guy. There is evidently something that happens in the second episode which reveals a deeper element of the character, but that encourages Luke Cage to take action as a reluctant hero. We wouldn’t expect a simple villain in the MCU, and it’s exciting to know that Luke Cage will continue to provide that complexity.

Frank Whaley will be Misty Knight’s partner, Detective Skarfe who described himself as a “Hard-nosed, very good looking police detective.”

The cast will have a full panel at San Diego Comic-Con Tonight, where we may learn far more about the show. Stay tuned here for all the latest news. We’ll all get to watch Luke Cage, when the full season premiers on Netflix on September 30.