Even if you haven’t watched a minute of Luke Cage yet, you probably saw Mike Colter‘s version of the superhero in Jessica Jones. By now, it’s hard to imagine anybody else in the role. If you have seen any of his titular show, you know that Colter portrays the classic character with a calm, commanding presence. In a recent interview with Variety, Colter talked about the emotional and intellectual depth he brought to the role.

Luke comes with a certain amount of emotional depth. As a black man in today’s culture, what he represents and what he’s dealing with in his own life — being a fugitive on the run but being innocent, but at the same time not feeling sorry for himself — he’s always thinking about the community, and thinking about things in a larger sense in his life. He wants more than just this thing that he’s doing now — it was kind of thrust upon him. He’s very thoughtful about his actions. He has no agenda with his powers. He’s seen what helping out leads to; he doesn’t see the point. It never ends well. He doesn’t have a costume, he doesn’t have a mask, everybody knows who he is. So I think he brings a certain gravitas that says, “I don’t want to rush to judgment about anyone. I don’t want to do anything until we just talk about this, because everything has a consequence.” I see him as the consigliere of the group.

Luke’s personality in the MCU is one that puts deep thought into every action. He may be able to take out entire groups of thugs with his bare hands, but he only does so when that is his last option, and the action is absolutely necessary. This calm, collected demeanor will likely be important when he teams up with Matt, Jessica, and Danny in The Defenders.

Luke Cage is available to stream in it’s entirely now, on Netflix. How far have you gotten, and what do you think of Colter’s portrayal of the classic character? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Variety.