The character of Danny Rand is slowly gaining the good graces of the audience thanks to the relationship dynamics the Immortal Iron Fist, Protector of K’un L’un, Sworn Enemy of the Hand, shared with his co-stars in last August’s The Defenders. And out of all the relationships he had with the team, it’s his relationship with Luke Cage that stands out the most, which is why it was a no-brainer that they had to add Danny to the second season if Luke Cage. Some new set pics from the set have surfaced showcasing the fun brotherly-love-hate dynamic the two shared in The Defenders.

The images are purported to be copyrighted and we don’t wanna get in trouble for that. So we’ll link them here instead.

So we have 2 different sets of images featuring Finn Jones and Mike Colter. One has them just standing happily on a street corner and another has them fighting. The fighting set is interesting because to me, it actually looks like they’re playfully sparring rather than straight up beefing. The two even seem to have their own handshake in one of the photos. These two have been at odds with each other before so they share an awareness on how to fight with each other. This could be a scene where Danny gives Luke some martial arts tips in order to better his fight moves. Luke has a very robust and heavy fight style and could sure use more fluidity in cleaning out Harlem. Also check out the back of Danny’s jacket. You know he probably printed jackets for them after hearing the catchphrase in The Defenders.

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